Super Health Food

your diet with a range of plant based, grains and fresh ingredients. Minimise red meat, sugar and processed foods for more energy and vitality

Lemon Water

Add fresh lemon to your water, from your first morning sip, to the last sip of the day, and feel refreshed as well as aid detoxification


Spending time in Nature has been shown to reduce stress &  anxiety, while promoting health & wellbeing. Next time you're stuck for what to do, head to the Bush or the Beach and recharge those batteries.


Reduce your stressful state with daily meditation and breathing exercises. Not sure where to start? One of our Expo experts will be able to help.


From beginners to advance, prenatal to post-natal, Yoga is for everyone. Talk to one of our Expo experts about getting started today.


From remedial to reiki, sports to hot stones, massage will unwind, unknot and de-stress. Working on many levels of the bodies energy, massage promotes circulation and health.

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